Today is my sons birthday.He died 5 weeks ago.How do I get threw the day?


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Instead of going over hw he died, think of all the good tyms you had and just rememba that we all hav 2 leave this world soon, whether we lyk it or not. He is in a better place, if you doubt it, pray he goes sumwhere gud. Hope this is helpful
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Just pray to him every minute, he will hear you, I promise. Bless you and your child, and just know that he is in a better place right now. I'm sure he is watching out for you in heaven, I promise. Don't be sad all day, try doing something fun with your friends.He wants you to feel happy,and he wants you to smile! :)
R.I.P. (P.s. Youll be with him again someday so you can reunite once again!)
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Remember he's always in your heart and follows you whereever you go. Just remember all the good days with him. Everything always happens to the best of us. Why? That's a good question... But he is in a better place. I'm sorry for your loss. I will keep you Lynn in my prayers,even though I don't know you. But I can relate to the pain. If you don't mind me asking..What happened?
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Don't try to forgget him as you wont be able to so remember him for the time you had together and he still lives within you and I seriously doubt he would want you to tear yourself up over him and would want you to carry on even as hard as it is. We both know hes in a better place with no suffering so hes better off than us in many ways. You need to get on my profile and click the follow to show unfollow and then I can use your shoutbox, sorry for taking so long as I had Dr appts today
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Aww noo!...jus think tht he is safe now , and bless your child , and may he have eternal rest. I knw how hard it is fo you , but give a little smile and it will surely make all the difference I can assure you , you are not alone , soo many people are with you , and we feel your loss and I will pray for him too , don't you worry none as he watching down upon you , and he really wants you to smile , if you do , he will too , there will be good times waiting for you , I promise you that ..8)
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Never forget your son for one thing! But just try to think about the happy times you had with him! And also, IT IS OK TO CRY!!!! :)

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