Today after donate my blood i feel like super happy, do u also donate ur blood on ur birthday? Hahahaha i do every year, good day to all!


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Arthur Wright answered
Good for you my friend
Addilynn All Star Profile
Thanks for helping the world then Arun..wish I could do the same but am not allowed to give blood..anyhow....good on you mate 8)
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Jon Asaviour answered
No , family don't let me donate my blood , cause I have a bad immune system
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John answered
The last time I tried to donate they put the needle clean through the vein so they stopped immediatley and told me to go home and if I experienced any problems to go to the hospital ,so I don't donate anymore after my are swelled up and developed a bruise the size of my hand. Let's just say I don't trust the red cross phlebotomists to draw my blood anymore. : ).sure go home we are not responsible for any medical problem we just caused you sorry for the inconvenience ,because our techs are not trained properly. Just my opinion.remember you asked.
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Good for you! I haven't tried donating blood because I don't qualify as a donor. But you are doing a great service to people who needs it. Way to go!
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Good on you Arun, I give blood whenever the NHS Transfusion Service comes over here.It's for a very good cause and I like to thing my contribution can maybe save someone's life.
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Excuse my stupidity....but are there blood mobiles or blood centers that you can just go over and donate?

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