What Is A Great Toast For My Dad's 80th Birthday?


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Remember to keep the writing basic. You don't have to reinvent the wheel when you're trying to make a great 80th birthday toast. A simple toast is often the most effective and oftentimes most people would rather heart a short toast that has some funny anecdotes from your dad's like, than one that doesn't really have a point and goes on forever. Say what you need to say and end the toast. I'm sure everybody at the party will have many anecdotes to tell throughout the evening so it's not all down to you to talk about them.

Remember to be kind, too. Of course it's funny to roast a person, but everybody loves a toast that is kind, jokes a little, and is generally funny. Those kinds of toasts are fantastic, but just remember not to go over the top and as mentioned, keep it simple. Oftentimes people will attempt to do a roast and will instead end up sound unpleasant, petty and crude. You don't want to upset people with what you have to say, you want them to laugh! So remember, stick to funny anecdotes and don't go over the top.

Remember to be personal, but don't tell any secrets. You want to be personal because of the nature of the party, but don't tell too much otherwise you could cause offence and arguments. You want to talk about your dad in a personal way and explain how great he has been to you over the years - so of course you can talk about the history of you and him, but you don't want to spill anything that is only mean to be between you and him. That will not go down too well.

Finally, remember to engage the audience. Stick to this plan and you're bound to have a great 80th toast ready for your dad.
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ENSURE HIM THAT EVEN THOUGH he is getting older , he looks way younger than that. And that he will have many more years to look forward to and that you'll take care of him no matter what happens

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