What Would Be Your Reason For Wanting To Live 100 Years On This Earth?


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Tia Ossenkop answered
Each year on earth would mean more people that I could help or befriend. My family is long lived to begin with, so I am expecting to have a long life and meet many people and do positive things. The only problem with living so long is that our bodies wear out before our zest for life does.
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Lisa michalski
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thank you for all of your answers,to my questions,some might think they aren't worth the time but to people who ask them they hold great meaning.
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To see how the world is changing.  Can you imagine the advances in medicine, cars, buildings.  it would be awesome to watch this all unfold before your eyes.  To know that you lived most of the history that people study in school first hand.  That would be truly ideal.  Medical problems or not. Everyday on this ball of clay is better than the next for me!
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To achieve something in the life, and keep the names alive after our death.. Do you expect me to answer something else? If yes pls let me know..
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Lisa michalski
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I look for heart felt answers,the real thing if that is what you wish for me to say,I'm not looking for the quick fix on answers I look for well thought out reasoning,if I am going to pass info to another,some answers give me insight to the person who answers.and I get to see their character as well.
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A hundred years would give me time to see the world change. Good or bad, change is the only constant. I am 53, and the changes in the world, during my existence is mind blowing. How easily we take for granted color tv, as a child i watched black&white tv. I would imagine what color the clothes were the stars were wearing. I thought the animals would be great to see in color, and i was right. I might see 100, or not, but what i have seen has been pretty amazing!

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