How Many Major Events Have Happened In Guyana?


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· Pre-European colonization
This is a major part of Guyana's history, The Republic of Guyana has a huge amount of history but people don't really know about 'historical events'. The area of the Guianas, which is bounded by the rivers of the Amazon, Rio Negro, Atlantic Ocean and Orinoco is thought to have been settled well before 900 AD by the Warrau Indians. It is later thought to have been colonized by the Arawak and Carib tribes. Though, there is currently no evidence from these times to show that it was a particularly advanced civilization or society.

· European colonization
This is an absolute massive event to have occurred in Guyana's history. The Dutch initially established a settlement here, in Essequibo, at around the time of 1616. It was initially at the mouth of the Mazaruni river where they started building Fort Kyk-Over-Al. Later, in 1621, the merchants of Zeeland and many other merchants began to unite for form the West India Company, and it was this company that took over the control of Essequibo.

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