What Are The Names Of Abraham Lincolns Four Sons?


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Abraham Lincoln had four sons with his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln. Only one of their sons live long enough to have a profession. In fact, his second son died in infancy.

Abraham Lincoln's sons were:

Robert Todd: He was born on 1st August 1843. He became a lawyer and served as the Secretary of War for President Garfield.

Edward Baker: Edward, born on 10th March 1846, did not live beyond his infancy.

William Wallace: Wallace was born on 21st December 1850 but he died in 1862 in the white house. He was only twelve at the time.

Thomas, Lincoln's forth son was born on 4th April 1853. He lived only till 1871.
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Abraham lincoln and mary todd had four sons, whose name are as follows,

- Robert Todd Lincoln (1843-1926)
- Edward Baker Lincoln (1846-50)
-William Wallace Lincoln (1850-62)
-Thomas "Tad" Lincoln (1853-71)

here is the source of this information >>
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Robert [rob for short] was the sucessful one who died in his past time.
Edward only lived untill he was 4 years old.
William was very smart at the time and no idea he going to die at that age.
Thomas lived untill he was 18 he was a respectful young genltmen.
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Robert Todd Lincoln, Edward Baker Lincoln, William
Wallace Lincoln, and Thomas “Tad” Lincoln.
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I did a Google search and the names of his sons are : Robert , Willie , Eddie and Tad.
And they all died at a young age .

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