How Many U,S, Presidents Have Been Free Masons?


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There have been fourteen known American presidents to date who have been known to be free masons including the likes of George Washington, Teddy Roosevelt and Harry Truman. You can check the complete list here.
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All of them , I am not sure if Kennedy was . I don't think you can be president unless you are , because they control the agenda of the world, OR shall I say a part of the umbrella of those who do
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Well, to my knowledge, all the presidents (Caucasian, I'm not sure about Obama) have been linked to the Aluminati. If you don't know what that is it would be very helpful and interesting to look up. I'm sure a lot of presidents were free masons, but don't quote me on that. Watch the documentary Zeitgeist, I believe that is the one that mentions the free masons and aluminati and the rat poison/fluoride in certain states' water.. Either way, it is very, very shocking and you could learn a lot of good information to know from it. There is another documentary as well, I forget the title, you might be able to find it as a movie related to Zeitgeist. Good luck.
- Spot

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