List Of Present Presidents In West Africa?


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John Evans Atta Mills is the current president of Ghana, West Africa. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is the incumbent president of Liberia. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is the current president of Nigeria. This ruling, or incumbent, heads of state represent just a few examples of leadership in West Africa.

About West Africa

• In West Africa, part of the region is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, and the southern tip of the area is bordered by the Sahara Desert. Traces of colonial history remain in the region, as the boundaries and borders set long ago (by colonial rulers) still divide the territory and dictate some of the culture that has evolved through the centuries.

• Examples of West African, Bantu-speaking nations include Ghana, Cote D'Ivoire, Liberia, Nigeria, Guinea, and Senegal. Among these nations, there is a wide variety of geographies and cultures.

Today, in West Africa, democracy moves forward somewhat slowly, but usually surely. Africa still suffers from tribal wars, poverty, droughts, hunger, and disease - the area is afflicted with high numbers of AIDS cases, as well as other health problems, including malaria. Many world relief agencies operate in the African continent, assisting citizens with basic needs, such as shelter, health care, food, and clean water.

As Africa is still a third-world country, many people in West Africa subsist on very little income, and they often need help simply to survive. Stronger leadership in West African nations will help to move the cause of social progress forward. Currently, celebrities such as Bono and Bill Gates are working tirelessly to ease the suffering of people in Africa. Of course, not every African is suffering, or destitute. However, the ones who are truly deserve any assistance they can get. Africa remains relatively undeveloped, despite its rich natural resources, but much is possible for the future.

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