What Would You Change If You Were President Of The U.S.A.?


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-I will stop everything related to wars and all countries 'll leave in peace.
-number of poor people will be less.
-as zexion said, I'll change gas prices.
-I'll spend my money on charity organisations.
-I'll give strict punishments to thieves and robbers.
-I'll decrease the number of junk food restaurants.
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I would give the vote to the people. Let them decide who will be president. I would make healthcare for all Americans a reality. I would make it a crime punishable by huge taxation and fines,for the abandonment of this country by corporations who have earned billions off the American Economy, and then rather than reinvest in business they move to a country with cheaper labor and take away our jobs. I would make Education a priority and equalize everyones access to it. I would legalize marijuana and make the war on drugs, one everyone would want to join. With repeat offenders sentenced to huge communal farms where they would either work or lay in darkness. Rehabilitation through spiritual and social sources would be implemented. The revenues from these work farms would be used to help rehabilitate the criminals, and teach them how to succeed without resorting to crime. I would reopen smaller mental facilities for those who truly can not take care of themselves, and streamline the process to get those people admitted. I would make compassion part of the curriculum in schools, as it is in Japan. I would celebrate our Patriotism and make the U.S.A. The proud and responsible country it once was.
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(I am young, so don't be hard on me, I am doing a paper for this in school.) If I were President, I would make a tax for the people of America and the profit would go to the Humane Societys, because the animals there are usually so poor in nutrition. I would make health care free to all Citizens of America and I would make it a law for children to have recess for atleast an hour because they are growing kids and need exercise. Fifteen miutes of reccess is too little. I would have America pay more to China who is working hard for little money. I mean, think about it. Every time you get an item that is man made where does it say its made? China.
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I would change poverty. I can't help but pity those impecunious. I would also change gas prices, and education. School to me seems too lenient with discipline and intense education. In some places such as nuclear power plants, security is to relaxed. There are an innumerable amount of things that should be changed but it is 6 a.m in the morning and I am tired. Good night....morning.
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I would change global warming
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If I were the president of U.S.A I would ordered to stop the production of nuclear weapons
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I actually have a speech to do on this I have to do it in 10 days... I'm in 8th grade if you have any ideas PLEASE tell me I'm lost there is just so much to do

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