Where Did German People Come From?


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The Germanic people originated from the Germanic tribes that moved south out of Finland, Sweden, Denmark area. They are actually directly related to the Vikings as are most Europeans. The Vikings also mixed with the Picts, Gaels, Britons, etc in the British Isles to form that Irish, Scottish, Welsh, English people. The only Africans that settled in Europe were the Roman Soldiers that were originally from Northern Africa that resembled the Arabic peoples of today. They mixed with the natives and created the Slavic, Russian, Hungarian, and French peoples...thus their tendency to be darker complected. They also were responsible for the formation of Gypsies.
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During the ice age everyone in europe died because it was to cold. So the new settlers couldn't have come from the north because there were only polar bears up there, people came from the south: Africa. Hence everyone in europe originate from Africa

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