How To Throw A Teen House Party?


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Steps to throw a memorable teen house party:
(does not have to be done in exact order, but an order similar to this)
1) find a time when parents aren't home
2) tell a friend or a few friends to start spreading the word of the party (no invitations or handouts because they could be used as evidence of a party later on and they are lame)
3) find a part of house where music is less likely to be heard from the outside and make sure all windows are shut tightly (basement, attic, etc.)
4) clear away furniture/stuff so there is a place to dance.  get a table for the snacks.  wrap up/put away the breakables (in another room, hidden out of reach from guests)
5) decorate a bit.  make sure there are no embarrassing photos or stuffed animals showing.  no balloons.  maybe just a paper chain around ceiling and a colorful disco-ball thing (20 bucks or less at target or kohl's or someplace like that which is cheap).  make sure the lights are dimmed.
6) if there are lots of intimate boyfriends and girlfriends invited designate a corner/room to be for the love birds that want to make out.   place a lot of cushions and preferably sofa too, there, and put a radio there playing soft (not loud) romantic music.  (make a soft romantic playlist)
7) find out what music people like, what music is cool and fun to dance to and create a music playlist that will be heard from a radio, multiple radios, or a speaker system
8) buy lots of snack foods (soda, chips, cheese doodles, etc.) and/or ask people to bring some
9) During the party make sure nobody is sitting around bored and alone. 
10) Also make sure that music is not too loud, don't want cops or neighbors to find out about party
11) before party, make sure friends can be there afterwards to help you clean up!  make sure there is no party evidence left behind!  the party's trash is thrown out and placed in someone's garbage barrel down the street (so parents won't find bag and see evidence!). There should be no jackets, retainers, lipstick, car keys, cell phones, etc. Left behind. 
hope this helps!
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True... And make sure you don't get too drunk! Your parents could find out. I was screwed over once.. And I was so drunk I passed out and didn't move. My friends were screwed too :)

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