How To Throw A Good Teenage Pool Party?


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Throwing a good and enjoyable teenage pool party indeed requires some preparation. One of the most important things is if you are doing it for your kids is to listen to them so that you can get an idea about what they want.

One of the most important points is posting the rules and safety instructions. It is good fun having a splash but be sure to keep a check so that no one gets hurt and if there is a problem just draw the person aside and talk it out calmly and sensibly.

Have some party and pool games ready so that everyone can participate and enjoy. Have beach towels and sunglasses handy and they prove really useful. Have music based on your party theme. Beach music would be preferable.

Use real sea shells and net for decoration and use them to drape tables and use bright coloured table cloths. Use hanging strings of light to give a real beach like atmosphere. You can spread up a lot of beach balls and toss them around in the pool, have beach towels lying around as they make convenient place to sit and chat.

Have finger food to eat as it is easily manageable. Chips and candy with pizza is a real good idea. Have citronella candles lighted as they will help to keep the bugs away.
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i think that was a really good answer. Some other ideas would be to buy fake frangipani flowers and scatter them in and around the pool. also, maybe don't put food or beach towels near the water as they are most likely to get wet!
Overall, i loved it. you had really good ideas.
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This is not a good idea. Dont plan any theme. I am a teenager and had a pool party about a month ago for my 16th bday. No teenager wants a frilly theme like beach or luau. Just have colored cups and music playing. The rest will take care of itself :)
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I'm getting ready to throw a pool party also and I'm 17, All I'm doing is like getting a bunch of beach balls to let float in our pool and we can also do whatever we want with them (not that way hahahaha) like play games and stuff, Also for the guys we have to big basketball hoops at the edge of our pool so they can play basketball in the pool, I'm putting up tiki torchs and were going to light a bond fire, and were just going to have awesome music that everyone likes and will dance too (:
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Well, I am about to have my teenage party myself, and there is nothing worse than your parents always wanting to take control of the party and always hanging around. Some other ideas would be to have a colour theme for the party so it's not just different colors everywhere. If you like, you can buy fake Hawaiian flowers (like frangipanis) and let them float in the pool and set them up around the pool area. Maybe you shouldn't set towels up to sit and chat around the pool because people running in and out of the pool will probably get the towel/s wet and just end up being useful. I also probably wouldn't set the food up near the pool as the food could get wet. Soggy chips aren't really nice so probably somewhere outside of the pool area where they aren't likely to get soaked. Ummm... I don't really know what else... If you have a Hawaiian theme to your pool party, at the start you could hand out Hawaiian necklaces and skirts.
Well I hoped this information has helped you.
Good luck with the party.

Xxx :)
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I think most teenagers just want to talk with there friends and have a good time I think playing like new hip good music not beach will make people want to dance I also think that having a few games prepared incase the kids start to get bored...maybe beach volleyball just tie a rope from one end of the pool to the other...and get a waho ball and use that there good for and lollies are all good, just make sure you have places for everyone to sit around and talk if  the party goes til night have a bon fire there always fun to toast marshmellows and stuff.. Hope all goes well xx

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