What Is Covert And Overt Abuse Of Power?


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  • Covert abuse of power
Covert means that something is hidden. In this case, the abuse of power is hidden. Think about covert as if there is a mission such as a spy mission that is secret. It is not revealed to the general public. This is why covert abuse of power is hidden. Abuse of power is defined as a misuse of power, no matter the context. It can be in the government, in the home, or in the work place that the abuse of power is occurring covertly.

  • Overt abuse of power
Overt is defined as something in the open. An overt mission is known by all. Therefore, when discussing overt abuse of power it is something that is happening openly. It can occur in a government system, police, in the home, and in other situations.

For example, an abusive spouse may not try to cover up their behavior. In this case the abuse is overt where there may be verbal abuse in front of everyone. If it is in the context of the police an overt abuse of power is where a police officer runs a red light, not because it is an emergency to do so but because they did not want to sit through the red light. An abuse of power in the government which is overt can be something like a dictator. The dictator is trying to keep the country under their control and therefore does not mind showing an abuse of power.

Covert and overt abuse of power are anonyms meaning that they are direct opposites of each other.
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Monica Charles answered
Convert abuse of power is an act of discriminatory practice by someone who uses hidden use of power or authority to discriminate against a person or socail groupings. Such as age,culture, sexuality,gender,family status and health status ect. Anything that makes the indiviuals personality and backgroud that is different from theirs really.
Overt abuse of power is also an discriminatory practice, however unlike convert abuse of power, it is the openly use of power and authority to  discriminate.

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