What Is Child Abuse?


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Child abuse is physical/sexual or mental ill-treatment faced by a child at the hands of an adult. However the main question is that what leads a person into ill treating a innocent defenseless child. It is observed that in most cases the abuser has had previous history of abuse, he/she has been a victim of child abuse. Secondly the person finds him/her self inefficient to care for the child (in case of disabled children), inability to control aggression.

Some of the best ways to avoid child abuse is to involve communities. Communities on a whole could start various public education activities, child education classes, where children are taught what to do if they face any abusive situation at home or at school. Most importantly set up family support programs where not only the child but the entire family can help deal with the situation.

Some of the other ways of treatment include Complex post-traumatic stress disorder, Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
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It is the mental, verbal, physical or sexual assault on a child and it is a cycle that affects many and once a child has to endure that kind of pain they will be scarred for life, their emotional skills could be degraded and their hearts unable to forgive still holding the grudge.
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My daughters(eight yrs old) biological mother has continued to defend her boyfriend after our daughter said he touched her bottom (when she was 2 1/2) my ex keeps coming in and out of her life and she now is talking to our daughter and saying things like She swears that Chad her boyfriend never did anything and that instead it was me. The courts have let her have only 3 hours unsupervised for 3 days a month and she spends the time mentally abusing her.
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When you hurt a child mentally physically verbally or sexually and there you have it
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Child abuse is ill-treatment either psychological, emotional, physical, sexual or physiological.

It is poor treatment which results in an adverse reaction for the child involved.
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Child abuse and elderly abuse and child abuse are among the worst kinds,abusing a child is by leaving them unattended,slapping them,sexually abusing or not feeding them

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