What Should I Give My Child's Teacher For Christmas?


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If its a girl you should get her nail polish or candles that smell good and hand cream or a mug. Hope this helps you =)
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I am a teacher and nothing makes me feel better about myself and the job that I do when a parent gives me a note of appreciation. I have a collection of thank you card that I have saved over the years. I will never part with them, and when I feel like I'm having a bad day or if I don't feel appreciated (many days that happens) I just look over my little "treasures" and it gives me that little push that I need to let me know that what I do is appreciated.
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I be that the teacher would love wine chocolates
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A gift card is best
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I think a nice box of chocolate candies is just perfect! There is great variety! Pick the one you think taste the best!
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Something nice, a card would work. Or chocolates. I got my teacher a apple basket and some chocolates. I gave her apples becasue that is wats given in movies. I also got 1 teacher a apple shaped candle, perfume, and otehr items
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Keep in mind that teachers like, more than anything, gestures of appreciation by the children and parents themselves. Good teaching is an incredibly demanding occupation. Just a little acknowledgement of their hard work goes a long way.

For this reason, many teachers feel most touched by hand-made cards and little notes from parents that you recognise the job they're doing.

If you still want to throw in a material good, consider the following. Even if your child's teacher doesn't like it, there is a certain amount of "swapping" that goes on in the staff room; your contribution will go into a pot for all the teachers to share out a bit.

Chocolate and wine.

Gift tokens for common items, like garden and book vouchers.

Charity gifts made in the teacher's name to help educate children in developing countries, such as textbooks, pencils and stationary.

Bath smellies, shower gel, hand cream.

Let your child choose a nice gift, at least the gift will have been personally chosen by the child for that teacher!

"Good job" stamps, good quality pens.

Best teacher mugs and similar items.
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It shouldn't be necessary to give a teacher anything more than your appreciation at Christmas. By retirement or moving onto another job yes, but not necessarily Christmas.

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