What Causes Unemployment In Rural Areas?


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There are several reasons for the unemployment in rural areas including lack of education, infrastructure facilities and aptitudes of people towards work so these all factors combine to be reason for unemployment.
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Rural areas generally have less industry so lack of employers could be one reason. Another is that education levels are lower so jobs may be harder to find.
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It depends on businesses that may or may not be attracted to the area.  if the business has to have a lot of parts and supplies deleivered to it and their product has to be trucked out a long distance to get to users, the business might see it as an unprofitable venture.  That particular issue gets worse every day now with rising fuel costs.
Airports amy be non-existent, and roads may not be suitable for all the transportation needs.  maybe there is not enough water/sewer service to handle big production.
Natives don't want to leave their home area to seek employment. 
Some rural areas were thriving with coal mines, timbering and many other industries that died off because the coal ran out, environmental rules became too restrictive etc.
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People in rural areas do want to work. Just like n4me stated it depends on the infrastructure. Unfortunately residents in rural will find themselves driving long distances to find work in our present economy.
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It is because of supply and demand and It really does depend on the business and it's income.
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Presentation also plays a big role when considering reasons of unemployment. If the person is already having money problems, then they would also find it hard to make both themselves and their skills stand out.
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