What Causes Unemployment In Nigeria?


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The economic growth in Nigeria has been stunted by the years of corruption, civil war, military rule and mismanagement. It is suggested that the main reason there is such an extent of unemployment in Nigeria is the under utilization of the resources available.

Nigeria has an abundance of diverse human and natural resources but the inefficient utilization of these resources in order to gain the maximum economic benefits has led to the vast amount of unemployed citizens. This unemployment has affected the country  of Nigeria and its economic climate in a number of ways.

  • Economic.
The reduction in employment has left citizens without purchasing power. This means that there is less of a demand for products and services and, in turn, the production and economic growth has been hindered.
  • Social.
Within the social effects of unemployment in Nigeria is an increase in the rate of crime. Recent graduates have accounted for some of the largest percentages of unemployed people who have turned to a life in crime.

Many believe that economic growth is not going to be the solution for the unemployment in Nigeria. Unemployment should be addressed by providing the necessary training for people to gain the right skills for work. Also, the concept of having a prosperous life is something that should be worked towards and seen as a positive thing. Experts have recommended a number of ways that Nigerians can try to decrease the rate of unemployment.

  • Decreasing unemployment.
Sport schools and evening classes can provide children with practical skills while computer programming aides can train the younger generation to develop information technology skills. Setting up temping agencies can help citizens find smaller, temporary jobs to fill time between permanent employment.

Unemployment in Nigeria has been caused by a failure to utilize the resources available to their best advantage. Learning to use these resources to get the best economic benefits from them will help reduce the rate of unemployment.
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The main cause of unemployment in nigeria is the outburst of population growth in the country compared to technological growth and development in the country.
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Lack of industries
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Few work
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There are a lot of reasons. I think the main are:

- poor quality of education

- epileptic electric power supply

- lack of skills

- corruption

- negligence of agriculture and other natural resources.

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