What Are Te Main Causes Of Unemployment And This Problem Will Solve In Pakistan?


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Unemployment is common to all cultures, due to a lack of jobs and too much manpower looking for work. In poorer countries, people manage better as they have learnt to farm their lands etc. Due to lack of employment, and unlike those who want a high paying job will do anything to earn money. There are garbage dumps where people have shanties, small communities built right on dump and they eat what people throw out and clean plastics in order to recycle. Here in the north, I knew of several people who crush old soda cans as they get 10 cents a pound. All depends on how you want to live, what skills you have and also, family has a lot to do with how successful you will be if they are willing to pay for higher education. Right now, there is a great need for well skilled labour. There are many con men out there, but those who can get a proper education are practically set, as there is always need for repairs

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