What Are The Main Causes Of Labour Unrest In Pakistan?


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labor unrest has been defined as a state of affairs when the labor of a country is not satisfied with the existing terms and conditions of employment. The present rate of wages is very low. The cost of living has moved up. They demand higher wages and the employers are not wiling to pay higher wages. The workers are frustrated and grumble against the management. The workers expect human treatment from the employers. Inhuman and rough treatment of an employer hurts the feelings of workers and they show.

The workers working as temporary workers are always insecure in employment. They demand regular employment and sometime they agitate against employers. The workers are very active and they do not like to work more than normal hours. Extra work without payment is resented. Under the law an employer is bound to provide healthy surroundings for work. Unhealthy condition surrounding affects the health of workers and they agitate against the conditions.

All the labor leaders are not sincere to the cause of workers. Self seeking leaders exploit the workers to achieve their own ends. Some employers do not like trade union of workers in their enterprise. They oppose the workers effort's for the registration of union. The workers agitate against employer

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