How Can We Solve The Problem Of Labour Unrest In Pakistan?


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There are different suggestions to solve the problem of unrest in Pakistan. Some of them are indexed wage rate, positive role of trade unions, human approach among employers, better working conditions, right to form a union, security of service, housing facilities for workers, training courses for workers, worker's shared in enterprise etc.

The wages of the workers should be indexed to price level. A commission should be set up to recommend indexation of wages of workers every year on the basis of change in prices. The labor leaders should be elected from the employers of the industrial units. The members of the unions should be motivated to work hard to increase output and to maintain peace. The workers do not like the snobbish attitude of the employers. The workers should be treated as human being.

The employers should be provided surroundings as prescribe in the labor registration. Healthy surroundings promote efficiency of the workers in the long run. It has been accepted as a right of the workers throughout the world. The employer should accept the right and allow the formation of union without any hesitation. The employer should discard the policy of temporary appointment of workers. The selection of workers for different trades should be merit only and on permanent basis.

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