What Are The Causes Of Overpopulation In Pakistan?


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1) early marriage
2) desire for sons
3) children work as labour force and earn money for family
5)inconsistent government policies due to change if governments
6) illiterate : People don't know the economic distress caused by high birth rate.
7)planning programmes receive high resistance because of religious reasons.
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The reasons of over population in Pakistan are:
1. Girls being married at a very young age.Parents choose to get them married to save themselves from starvation.
2. Illiteracy
3. No proper laws.
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1. Early marriages are a common feature in rural areas of Pakistan.
2. Female illiteracy is high in Pakistan. Illiterate females are more likely to have more children than educated ones who have materialistic goals and can benefit from Family Planning Programmes and birth control.
3.Farmers in rural areas cannot afford mechanisation in their farms and are intent on having more children so that they can have more helping hands.
4. Desire for a son is common amongst these people as they are not well off and would prefer a child who would grow up to help them in old age. These people keep on having children until they get a son.
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The high population density and the high percentage of population growth in Pakistan is because of the following reasons :-

1) We're living in typically temperate climate zones which are usually hot which tends to make people more fertile and willing to procreate.
2) Since 60% of Pakistan's population is concentrated around the rural areas and suburbs where people generally rely on manual labor and are usually semi skilled or unskilled. Having more members of he family means more helping hands and a greater potential to earn. This causes bigger numbers of families.
3) The cultural aspect plays a major role in the population explosion as many people consider bigger families a blessing. This problem is now being address via literacy programs.
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Joint family system lesser the bringing up of children on the parents . They having minimum responsibility,they had tend to produce more children
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To much sex

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