What Kind Of Homes Do Shoshone Indians Live In?


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The houses of Shoshone Indians varied from tribe to tribe.

Some of the mobile Shoshone tribes lived in tipis, whilst others lived in more permanent structures.

The homes of the Shoshone Indians
The Shoshone tribes were scattered across the western United States, from California to Montana.

In the north and the east of this area, Shoshone bands tended to be more nomadic, because they relied on buffaloes for food.

These nomadic groups would frequently pack up all their belongings and follow the migrating buffaloes - and this meant they needed to have houses that could be packed up and carried around fairly easily.

Because trailers didn't exist back then, Shoshone Indians would live in 'tipis' - the cone-shaped Native American huts made out of animal hide.

The Shoshone tribes who were less reliant on hunting, however, preferred to build more stable homes, and huts called 'wigwams' (also known as 'wickiups') were used as more permanent dwellings.

These would have been made using dried plants and the tree bark of the native area - so therefore Californian wigwams would have probably been made of Redwood.

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