Ecology And Population Growth. What Is The Current Estimate Of The Worldwide Human Population At This Moment?


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Right now, it's estimated that there are 6.94 billion people in the world - this is based on a comprehensive world census that combines the various censuses from every country. Of course, this number is an educated guess - in some societies and developing countries, it will be harder to figure out exactly how many people are alive and living in a region. For example, vagrants or runaways may not show up in censuses, and other people may avoid filling out census forms, because they don't like participating in such things.

  • Census laws

Most countries do have specific laws that dictate how people will participate in censuses held by the government. These types of censuses are usually done door to door, or by mail. People must answer questions about who lives in a home, and how many people are living together at one time. Men, women, and children will be counted up, and tallies will indicate a country's population for a given calendar year or time period. Some countries may have more accurate censuses than other countries.

  • Potential flaws

For example, countries like Canada, which are not at all authoritarian, may threaten penalties if people don't fill out censuses, but they may not enforce these penalties too often; therefore, there may be some errors or omissions in Canadian censuses. In general, every census will have some flaws, but it will be a good indicator of overall population. Of course, when all national census polls are combined, a world population number is formed.

Government websites will be excellent places to learn more about census forms, census laws, and census information. Most developed countries will feature a variety of services and information related to gathering and disseminating census information for various years and time periods. Government departments committed solely to taking care of the census will supervise each national poll, and share information with international parties.

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