What Is The Standard Of Living In Canada Compared To The UK?


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Both countries are pretty much similar economically. They are both well developed and advanced trillion dollar economies of the Western World and both are members of the G-8 group of industrialized nations.    The GDP or Gross domestic Product is $1.114 trillion for Canada and higher still in the U.K. At $1.83 trillion. Canada's per capita income is $34,000 while that of the U.K. Is lower at $30,300. Part of the reason is the United Kingdom has a higher population at over 60 million while Canada's is nearly half of the U.K. At 33 million. Canada is the second biggest country in the world territorially while the U.K. Is one of the tiniest.    Canada benefits considerably due its southern neighbour the US. The US absorbs nearly 85 percent of Canada's output.   

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