When Did Canada Gain Independence From England?


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Canada became an independent dominion in 1867, but was not completely separated from the United Kingdom until the 1982 Constitution Act.

Since then, numerous acts have been passed which have increased Canada's independence, and these are three of the most important:
The British North America Act 1867:

  • The British dominion of Canada is created along with the Parliament of Canada.
  • Most of the British political model is introduced to Canada, including the post of Prime Minister.
  • Four provincial governments were created: Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.
  • The supreme political authority of Canada lies with the Queen and the British government.

The Statute of Westminister and the founding of the Commonwealth 1931:

  • This act meant that the British Parliament no longer had the right to make laws for Canada.
  • Canada has the right to modify or remove past legislation made in the British Parliament.
  • Canada has the right to pursue its own foreign policy independent of British influence.
  • Almost complete political independence from the UK.

The Constitution Act 1982:

  • This legislation meant that the Parliament of Britain could no longer amend Canada's constitution. Following this act, Canada was completely politically independent from the UK.

Canadian Independence

The emergence of Canada from its status as a British dominion was an evolutionary event - unlike American independence which took the form of revolution. The Queen of Britain, Elizabeth II, is still the monarch of Canada, although she only undertakes ceremonial duties and has limited political power. The Queen's role as the monarch of Canada, (as with other former British dominions) is completely separate from her role as the Queen of the UK.

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Canada gained independence from the British in 1867 but it wasn't until the late 1900's that they got full control. In the 1800's they had representatives already and Britain wasn't doing much so Britain wasn't too hesitant to make Canada independent as long as they still had some control over it.
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Never. Canada has never belonged to England.
England ceased to be an independent country with its own foreign policy in 1707, when it merged with the Kingdom of Scotland to form the United Kingdom of Great Britain..
The UK fought the 'Seven Years War' (known in North America as the 'French and Indian War') against France and gained Canada from France in 1763.
In 1867 Canada was made a dominion (a self-governing kingdom) of the British Empire by the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (Ireland had joined the UK in 1800).
Thereafter it had the same powers as the United Kingdom (and considerably more than England), so it already had independence and didn't need to gain it from anyone.

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