What National Holidays Does the U.K. Have?


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The national or "bank" holidays as they are known, which are taken in the UK vary depending on which constituent country you live in. On these days most businesses and services are closed, although recently an increasing number of large retail companies now choose to open on these holidays.

Bank holidays in the UK can be declared in two ways: By Parliament, or by Royal proclamation.

National Holidays of England and Wales 1st January: New Year's Day
Variable: Good Friday
Variable: Easter Monday
1st Monday in May: May Day Bank Holiday
Last Monday in May: Spring Bank Holiday
Last Monday in August: Late Summer Bank Holiday
25th December: Christmas Day
26th or 27th: Boxing Day Bank Holiday

National Holidays of Northern Ireland Northern Ireland shares the same bank holidays with England and Wales - with the addition of two more. These are:

17th March: St Patrick's Day
12th July: Battle of the Boyne (Orangeman's Day)

National Holidays of Scotland Scotland has a different set of bank holidays altogether.

1st January: New Year's Day
2nd January: New Year's Day
Variable: Good Friday
1st Monday in May: May Day
Last Monday in May: Spring Holiday
1st Monday in August: Summer Holiday
November 30th: St Andrew's Day
December 25th: Christmas Day
December 26th: Boxing Day

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The national holidays observed by Britain are the following,
Starting with
Christmas on the 25th Dec
Boxing day 26th Dec
New Year's Day 1st Jan
Easter 6th 8th 9th April
May 7th
May 28th
August 27th
Sometimes a bank holiday, (which is a Monday) acts as a bridge, when the holiday falls on the weekend.
Britain, does not enjoy the most public holidays in The European Union, as Italy claims that honor.
However England does celebrate the Queen's birthday.
Boxing day, or St. Stephens day, (the day after Christmas), is called that because it was the day on which people brought donations to the churches to place in the boxes for the poor.
Most people in Britain take their holiday in summer and go abroad to the coasts of Spain, France, and Italy, to which all the cheaper airlines offer special flights during July and early August - when Britain itself is flooded with Tourists who come to see the country.
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No, these are not British national holidays!

These are English holidays. England may go to work on the 2nd of January if they want, but not in Scotland.

And I've only reached the 2nd of January! The rest of the dates are howlers as well!

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