What Did The Great Seal Of England Look Like?


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The seal of England is officially called as the Great Seal of the Realm is used by the ruling monarch to provide his/her assent to various important documents about public matters. A document having the seal is approved by the Queen.

The seal was first introduced by Edward the Confessor in 1066. It was a wax image on either side of the disc attached by cords or ribbons. The seal has not remained same throughout the years. It changes with every king or queen. Generally each ruler had one seal during their reign but Queen Victoria who ruled for 63 years had 4 seals. The present queen has 2 seals, the first one from 1953 to 2001 and the second one after 2001. The previous one was designed by Gilbert Ledward and the present is designed by James Butler.

One side of the seal show her holding the scepter in her right hand and the orb in the left hand and she is wearing her robes and sitting on the throne. It has ELIZABETH . II . D . G . BRITT . REGNORVMQVE . SVORVM . CETER . REGINA . CONSORTIONIS . POPVLORVM . PRINCEPS . F . D . circumscribed on it which is the full royal title in Latin. The opposite side has the full royal arms with the crest, the mantling and the supporters. It is in the custody of and is administered by the Lord Keeper of the Seal.

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