What Is The Role Of The Lord Chancellor Of Great Britain?


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The spokesman of the House of Lords is the Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain, who is custodian of the Great Seal. He may not go away from the country without first notifying the Queen in order that Commissioners may be selected to attach the Great Seal in his nonattendance. He has been called the warden of the Queen's ethics since the time of Elizabeth I. The Lords, Chancellor declares that the office of Lord Chancellor is reasonable by a supporter to the Roman Catholic belief.

The Lord Chancellor presides over the House from "the Woolsack a seat customarily overstuffed with wool, the symbol of England's medieval success. Because the Lord Chancellor is chosen by the Crown and not selected, the House of Lords never delegated to him power to keep order, to manage the order of speeches or to reprove refractory members.

The Lord Chancellor is the elder legal and lawful consultant of the government, a Minister of the Crown and almost regularly a member of the Cabinet. The Lord Chancellor plays the leading part in the appointment, or recommending the selection of judges.

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