How Does British Government Work?


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Britain is a democratic country with a constitutional monarch. The House of Commons and the House of Lords, together with the Monarch, is the structure of the Parliament. The Parliament passes the law and comes to a conclusion for major issues raised by the ruling party. It also approves the taxation and various departments of laws.

The Government is headed by the Prime Minister and he also appoints the rest of the Ministers who leads separate government departments. The House of Commons which is the axis of Parliamentary power, elects 659 elected Members of Parliament (MP's), each in lieu of a local constituency.

Parliaments at Westminster, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales also have their own respective devolved administrations. The supreme legislative body in the British Government is the Parliament. The Lord Chancellor is the highest court of appeal.
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I think it is a parliment government with a monarch and a prime minister. I am not sure if it is democratic.
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Labour Party and Conservative Party are the two largest political parties. British monarch is the head of state, also known as the sovereign. The Government performs Executive functions on behalf of the Sovereign. Parliament is the center of Political system in Britain. Parliament consists of House of Commons and the House of Lords. For detailed information about British Government, click here
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Is the conservative party in England the same as our conservative party(Republicans) here in the US? Do they stand for the same things. The Labor Party in England that like the Democratic Party here in the US?

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