What Did The Medieval Princesses Look Like?


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Princesses in medieval times had long hair which was only for noblewomen. They often kept it braided to keep it neat. They had finer clothes than common women, and they had chests with spices to keep them fresh. Some wore a circlet or band around their heads to signify their royalty. They had nice shoes. After marriage when they became mistress of the household, they wore a girdle or belt around their waist on which they kept the keys to the supply closets and cupboards. Royal ladies were taught sewing or embroidery, and were skilled in cloth crafts which they spent much time at. Many had crested clothing which was embroidered crests that represented their families royal lineage. If you like this answer please click on a star next to RATE THIS ANSWER so that I will get credit for answering this question, thanks...*p
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Medieval princeses wore long silk dresses and had long hair with braids on the sides

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