Is England The Same As Britain?


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No - England is not the same as Great Britain (or in fact the United Kingdom).

Great Britain Great Britain is a purely geographical term, and is the name of the northern European island that the countries England, Wales and Scotland inhabit.

The British Isles refers to Great Britain and its neighbouring island, Ireland. The English channel separates the island from mainland Europe and the Irish sea separates Britain from Ireland.

England is a country, whereas Britain is a geographical area. North America is a geographical term, but the United States of America is a country - the same applies for England and Britain.

United Kingdom

The confusion arises due to the interchangeable terms used to refer to the country. England is a country that is part of the United Kingdom - which is sometimes also wrongly confused with Britain. Whereas Britain is a geographical term, the United Kingdom is purely a political name. The United Kingdom is a sovereign state that is made up by the constituent countries of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

England England is only one part of the United Kingdom and a third of Great Britain. It is the largest and most populous country in the UK and is therefore sometimes wrongly assumed to be the entire state.

London - the capital of the United Kingdom and the centre of political power - is also the capital of England. The capital of Wales is Cardiff, the capital of Scotland is Edinburgh and the capital of Northern Ireland is Belfast.

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No, it's not, is America the same as Canada? Nope. Well, okay, what's slightly more confusing is that Britain is the collective name for a number of countries in the Union of Kingdoms known as the UK. Wales, Scotland and England formed Great Britain (presumably Tiny and Inconsequential Britain is somewhere else), whilst Northern Ireland is separate, still part of the UK, but not GB.

England is just a small wee country in part of the Union. Americans and Germans most often get confused and call one the other, or visit Scotland and tell people they love being in England. Since England has often been the driving force in Britain (not without good reason, including practically hobbling the industries of the other member countries) it is why England has become known as Britain - because it represents Britain the best of all, or at least that's what people believe, even if mistakenly so.

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