What Were The Publics' Criticisms Of John F. Kennedy?


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The first main criticism to John F Kennedy as a President was, that he stole the 1960 election.

Critics also hold Kennedy responsible for getting US completely involved in the Vietnam War. He introduced napalm, defoliants, strategic hamlet, free-fire zones and jet planes and send around 18,000 military advisors, which was completely rejected by the earlier administration. And this move in turn, encouraged President Johnson to increase the US involvement.

Seymour Hersh's The Dark Side of Camelot (1998) criticised the Kennedy adminstration and also stated that " he was probably one of the unhealthiest men ever to sit in the Oval Office," due to his chronic infancy sickness, Venereal infections and his Addison's disease which he privately treated. Critics also put forward, that his failure to reveal about his bad health conditions, represented his breakdown of professional reliability.

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