What was so influential about John F Kennedy?


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He was a handsome, flamboyant, young president that was worshiped by most Catholics. He was from a super wealthy family whose patriarch was a big crook.

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He was charismatic, a war hero, achieved the presidency while still fairly young, had a moderately attractive wife, took a strong stand during the Cuban Missile Crisis, was a strong advocate of the space program that enabled  the moon landings, and was murdered in a way that tugged at the heart strings, and not only in America. The guy had it all going for him.

And, as a later Democrat president had his Monica, Kennedy had his Marilyn. If you're gonna get caught having it away on the side it might as well be with a goddess.

On the down side, if Khrushchev hadn't caved in, Kennedy's intransigent demands over Cuba could easily have plunged us into WWIII. It didn't happen, so well done JFK.

As he campaigned for the presidency his opponents claimed he would be "the Pope's man in the White House" but he proved to be his own man. I liked the guy.

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The space program nasa my father worked for nasa for 22 yrs they made great advances for everyone

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If you really want to know ... There are plenty of history books.

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