What Are The Characteristics Of A Nation State?


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The Nation State is the dominant form of state organisation which exists in the world today. The nation state fuses together the idea of the "state" and the "nation" into a single Geo-political entity. The state is a territory or area where political sovereignty is exercised over by a government or ruler. Whereas the nation is a cultural, linguistic and ethnic identity between people. The nation state simply marries these concepts together, it implies that the sovereignty of the state geographically coincides with the boundaries of the nation. The most notable characteristics of the nation state are that the state is used as an instrument of economic, social, cultural and national unity.

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Following are the characteristics of Nation State:
- A nation state serves as a sovereign entity for a particular nation and also as a sovereign territorial unit.
- A nation state is a political and geopolitical entity
- It is also cultural and ethnic entity
- The citizens share a common language, culture and values
- They consider their territory as semi sacred and non transferable
- The border is defined by natural border
- The state is an instrument of national unity in all walks of life

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