What Are The Major Characteristics Of A Culture?


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A culture is something much more than a source of identity or a set of norms. Its something that its followers cherish and revel in mostly and at times, it happens so, given the rapidly changing world, that cultures adapt to those changes, making alterations in their norms and learning with time. It's a force that holds a people together, instigating within them a kindred spirit that binds them culturally to each other.

Pertinently speaking, there are six characteristics of a culture. The first attribute of a culture is, it is learned, as mentioned above. Culture is not something that is embedded in one's genes. It is something that one grows to adapt to and acquire more cognizance about, molding their demeanors in harmonious accordance. Then comes the characteristic of a culture being shared. In short, a culture is not a private property of one person. It is a shared phenomenon, which makes it all the more eclectically enchanting. As for the third trait, a culture is transgenerational. That means a culture is not something that only one generation adopts and when the next generation emerges, they develop another culture. Yes, changes do occur but the original crux and essence remains the same, which is passed on from generation to generation. Other traits of a culture talk about symbolism (that means the association of one thing with another, serving as its representative) as well as it being patterned along with the feature of it being adaptive, that is changing in response to the changes happening around yet not forgetting the real roots of origin.

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