What Were People's Opinions On The Titanic Ship?


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By my predictions and setting them correct, the titanic actually hit the iceberg at 11:40 Pm sharp. The iceburg burst 5 splits in titanic's bow damaging 5 of the titanic's water tight compartments. The weight of the water in the first 5 compartments, over ruled the ships design to stay afloat. By 12:00 Am it was finally sinking and water was starting to rise on the lowest level and thats when passangers started spreading the news. By 1:00 am And 2:00 it was starting to get to peoples cabins. Just 1 minute after 2:00 one of the titanics gas tanks fell down one after the next,back and back. Causing 30,000 tons to lift out of the water causing the structure to fail! As the sterns falls back level, the bow begins to pull the stern up right.. This was at 2:17 wich was 16 minutes after that happened. The stern stands vertical for a couple of minutes,, then at 2:20 she takes her final plunge. Titanic plunges at 30 to 40 miles per hour to the sea floor. As the ship fittings nd interiors are ripped from theire foundations. At 2:21 titanic finally hits the sea floor after falling 2 and a half miles of the surface above. Now lets go to the other half where a lot of the air is trapped inside the titanics stern causing it to rip itself apart, titanics stern is partly filled with cork,the pressure on the cork causes it to burst out of the ship the explosion is felt 2 miles up to the surface finally titanics stern comes to rest after her long fall of her surface above at 2:25 the full titanic now fell straight to bottom and miles are apart from eachother may all 1500 souls who died that night, R.I.P very sad story and they were only travelling on sea for 10 days.
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Well, the fact is at that time when Titanic was being made and when it was completed, people were amazed. They found it unbelievable that such a huge ship has been made with totally unsinkable quality. People rushed for getting the tickets of the ship so that they can travel on its historic Maiden voyage. Similarly when it hit an iceberg and destroyed people were severely shocked and devasted. Firstly because it caused a loss of so many lives and secondly because it was not meant to be like this.
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That boat was way too big.a ship that big sinks faster not slower.
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Not that I'm heartless but they should of never made a ship that big.
But I also do  feel bad about the young ones that lost there lifes on that day
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You know what, I agree, they should not of made a ship that big. And if they made one that big they should of made it so if it did hit an iceberg it would not make the boat sink

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