Who Ruled South Africa Before Independence?


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In fact your question has four parts, every part is answered as follows:
  1. South Africa got independence from white minority rule in 1934.
  2. The prominent figures are 
    • •  Nelson Mandela
      •  Walter Max Ulyate Sisulu
      •  Oliver Tambo
      •  Joe Slovo
  3. Great Britain ruled them before independence.
  4. Thabo Mbeki is current head of state.
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S Africa was being ruled by long nosed Europeans with take them all ideology.If I am not far wrong, S Africa is where it is today because of continuous and immortal struggle the White and the Black engage in over the domination of the world treasury.Despite the state of awkwardness and retrogression in the land of the Black,N Mandela still tried his possible best to put something meaningfull in place.  
  Orunpekun olawole
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South Africa current's president is Thabo Mbeki.
Will have served two terms by 2009, and he is constitutionally barred from running again. But Mbeki wants to remain chief of the ANC, a post that would give him a decisive say in who succeeds him. He's facing strong opposition from his former South African Deputy President Jacob Zuma, another ANC veteran who wants his turn at the helm of the country.

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In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries it was largely a Dutch possession here is a link to South Africa's diverse history: - 303k
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The British did and still do.  S. Africa is still not independent, why? Well, the original people of S. Africa do not own the military or the economy, this is still operated and ran by OUTSIDE interests...what a sham..and sadly..I think Nelson Mandela was in on it!!! He wasn't in prison for any number of years, when the heat got too hot for AMERICA to continue to support that racists regime, they put in place a plan to make it pseudo-independent, or make it appear as if it is independent.
  Think of it, what man who truly wants freedom, unconditional freedom, for its people would peacefully negotiate that freedom
..Martin Luther King was only successful because of the yang effect of Malcolm x..Gandhi?, he had that yang effect of Chandra Baos
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South Africa was ruled by Britishers or to be precise British Empire before it got its independence. South Africa became independent in the year 1910.
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South africa was freed in 1994, leaders are albert luthuli, nelson mandela, walter sisulu, o.r thambo. The np or national party was in control and the PRESIDENT IS JACOB ZUMA. P.s I would like to relieve america of some ignorance and say that we don't live in huts or ride lions thank you
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 Namibia Official name: The Republic of Namibia Independence from South Africa: 1990 The German mandated territory of South West Africa was given to South Africa in 1915 by the League of Nations.
The Chief of State of South Africa is the President Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki, who is also the Head of State.

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