Who Does Gang Violence Affect?


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First, it affects the person who's getting the heck kicked out of him. It affects other gang members, who get their imagined bravery from the gang members around them, probably because they know they are impotent and ineffectual without backup. It affects the families of the gangs, who have to suffer with the consequences of the nitwit who thinks gang violence is a good way to live, keeping them from actually working for a living and contributing to society in a meaningful way. It affects the families of the victims of gang-bangers, It affects entire communities, because the sense of peace, security and safety are gone because of gang violence. It affect children who can't go outdoors to play for fear of being shot in a drive-by act of cowardice, and it affects each one of us who lives in a city where these large-muscled small-brained idiots live. Hope that helps.

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