What Do You First Think Of When Someone Mentions India?


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I think of the many food spices, aromas, beautiful clothes, and doctors. Seems most of the doctors I know are from there. I also think about almost every 1800 that I have to call here in America somehow gets an Indian voice on the phone line and when I ask where are you, he says, "India." I get steaming mad because while I explain the problem I am calling about, he understands, but my dummy self cannot understand HIS accent. Therefore, I can never resolve the problem because I cannot understand him...it is very embarrassing!!
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Keith Old
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It can be Eyewatcher,
Subramanian Mahadevan
We have been loosing our best Doctors and Engineers to other countries for a long time now, Eyewatcher! Many are returning now, thankfully, as the conditions here in India are getting better.
As for the accents even I have the same problem when listening to an Englishman or an American speaking. I ask them to speak slowly so that I can catch their words! Mostly they oblige! But I can follow the Voice of America or BBC news perfectly same as I can follow the spoken English in Discovery or NatGeo!
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Elephants, heat, bright colors and odd music. I'd love to go there!
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Keith Old
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Would be good JPSgirl.
Subramanian Mahadevan
The music is not odd, JPSgirl. It is a very scientific system of classical music we have here in India. But you could be referring to Indian POP music which does sound odd to me too. I happen to be an Indian.
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Gandhi, elephants, wonderful art and those beautiful colorful traditional clothing the women sometimes wear
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Cast Systems and an emerging world power!
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Keith Old
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Thanks Arthur.
Subramanian Mahadevan
The cast system was on the way out after indipendence. Now 60+ years later we continue to find ourselves in the grip of the cast system as the lower casts do not want to loose their cast identity and loose the privilages that go with it. Looks like we are stuck with the cast system on a permanent basis! Thanks for your openness, Arthurjr.
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The first thing that comes to mind is heat, dust, elephants and poor living conditions.  Hope I've not hurt anyone's feelings but the question was asked.....
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yarnlady commented
My answer would be the same as yours.
Subramanian Mahadevan
Feelings not hurt, Nanat. Heat and dust and elephants are part of India. There are plenty of people living below the poverty line too. Still we are making an effort at improving the living conditions of the people here. And we have met with a certain amount of success too. Thanks for the frank opinion.
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A whole slew of things.their main religious beliefs,the dirty river(water conditions),movie characters,ravi zacharias(one of my favorite preachers),mowgli from the jungle book(1940's black and white movie),I think their funeral ceremony where they let the floating casket or canoe float down the river.I think I also saw a lighted lamp/flower wreath cerimony where they put them in the river sort of like the chinese floating lamp ceremony,some of their strange beliefs in certain animals  like the rat city where they leave dishes of food/milk for the rats while praying(I think I saw this on pbs.oh! And what's his name on the simpson's that runs the quicky mart.I flash mostly on what's that called television stereotypical images of what hollywood portrayed their people like .for example right now I am flashing on peter sellars playing a double agent spy with his skin dyed from a nut or fruit to hide his identity so he can escape.I am also flashing on a story about workers over in parts of india where a months pay is about 16 dollars and 6 dollars of that is used to pay for their uniforms while working for businesses in the area around the railroad terminal.oh! And I am also remembering that it is extremely hot/rainforest like weather/high humidity.oh!now I am flashing on the indiana jones movie where they are fighting on the fallen bridge over top of a river full of alligators.and the evil guy is trying to pull his heart out of his chest.I can go on but I think you get the idea.I guess you could say it depends on what my brain decides to remember and what I am trying to pull up about india(anyplace I have seen on tv or read about).
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I am from India. And India is a place where you will find maximum languages and dialects spoken. You can get very hot to spine chilling cold weather whenever you want to visit India. We got all seasons to welcome guests and locals alike. We attire all sorts of wearable cloth line available in the world. Same goes with our rides(conveyance) you can find us riding the chartered/private planes and helicopters to bulls and camel carts. We are one of the biggest producers of minerals, agro foods and products, industrial and other specialized goods and services. We are one of the few nations who have glory to hit the surface of Moon(although we have yet to land there like others). We have big landscapes covered with dense evergreen forests, waterfalls, rivers, hills and mountains. You can find us excelling in the field of infrastructure technology and industrial sector alike. We are getting a step closer to become one of the super powers of world to say the least. I think most of my western friends till now can see India in it's 50's.
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Subramanian Mahadevan
Do we really want to become a super power, Ady123?
Ady Mat
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I think you have taken things in wrong perspective. You know India don't like to impose itself on others like a super cop. It was said for those guys who find beggars and litter all around when they think of India...
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The smart people of India...business-minded people....good eyes...
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Its hard to think when someone worship a elephant, HaHa... The first thing I think when I hear either India, Iraq, or Iran. Is war. Hope the good people leave quick, because Obama is coming.. LoL... Blame the New's (Fox and CNN) in America for all the hatred. They never talk about the truth.

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