What Are The Effects Of British Colonisation In Malaysia That Have Lasted Till Today?


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The effects of British colonization in Malaysia that still last to this day are:

  • Integrated races
  • Divided and controlled
  • Depletion of natural resources
  • Accelerated development
  • Technology
  • Provided functional system for independence

There were both bad and good effects to the British colonization of Malaysia. This link has a really good article on some of the bad and good traits of colonization.

It started off with the bad; listing such things as integrated races, the divide and control system and depletion of natural resources. Bringing in different races such as Indian and Chinese was not in itself bad, but what it allowed the British to do was.

With different races the British set up specific economical activities for each race. For example the Indian and Chinese population worked in the plantation and mining industry respectively. It led to the "divide and control system" in which true racial integration was impossible. It instead created racial segregation that hinders a true marriage of integration today.

There was also a depletion of natural resources because the British took the resources and exported them out of the country leaving very little behind. Despite the negative effects of the exporting options it is also one of the things that has strengthened the country. It provided a chance for accelerated development of the country.

Colonization also helped bring in technology like railway, television and much more. Those who debated this very question felt without colonization Malaysia would probably be a hundred years behind where they are now.

Overall, they felt that colonization provided a functional system for independence that allowed their country to finally remove colonization and become an independent place with state administration and management of the economy that is functioning at its best. There are still areas for reform, but the impacts of colonization mentioned above still remain today.

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