What Are Some Of The Major Effects Of Indiscipline In Our World Today?


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One major effect of indiscipline in our world today is absolute corruption in all spheres of public and individual affairs.
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In the olden days when the majority of the people were staying either in villages or tribes, they were bound by the strict laws laid down by the head. Any person not following the rule was punished severely. Today the law enforcing agencies around the world are finding it a Herculean task to control and discipline the exploding population.

Indiscipline can be said to be the breakdown of moral and ethical values. People are bound by the law of the land, but once the fine line between right and wrong is blurred it is going to have an effect on the society and the world at large. Instead of being law abiding and honest, people are becoming greedy, violent, and corrupt and are ready to go to any lengths to achieve their personal goals and ambitions. They are no longer ready to wait to get what is due to them but will steal, snatch or kill. The crime rate and day to day corruption has increased greatly. They also know how to by pass the law to avoid punishment.

Indiscipline is present in everyday life. It is the way youngsters regard the elders or the way common civic or traffic rules are flouted. The mind set has become that all rules have been made to be disobeyed and what they do is right.

It is no use blaming others and it is the responsibility of the parents, elders and teachers to restrain themselves and inculcate correct values in the children.
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The main effect is human suffering.

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