What Are The Effects Of Indiscipline Among The Youth?


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The effects of indiscipline among the youth are manifold. Indiscipline is defined as a lack of discipline. Some of the effects of indiscipline among the youth include lack of respect for teachers, parents and other senior figures. It could be argued that the indiscipline of certain individuals has reduced the morality and ethics of many young people. The effect of the downfall in morals and ethics are caused, in part, by the education of the young people, in that teachers are no longer responsible for setting limits, merely for ensuring that certain targets are met. As discipline is no longer present, the lack of discipline does not present any sense of shame as the indiscipline is not tied to immorality anymore. The lack of guidance given to young people means that the conduct they show is not an important facet of their lives anymore. General consensus is that the values that have influenced morality are instilled inside the family, and that it is improved family values that will reverse the current trend. Most young people today believe in having things their own way. If they don't get their own way then they often go off the rails. Parents seem more afraid of children and they do not seem to realise that by constantly giving in to their demands they are making them uncontrollable and undisciplined. Indiscipline is classed as a behavioral disorder and is the cause of mental, emotional, and in some cases, physical damage. Some would argue that parents, teachers and society should shoulder some of the blame for the indiscipline currently evident amongst today's youth. Parents may be to blame as they give their children too much freedom, whereas teachers could be to blame for not focusing on things that the child is good at. Society is also to blame as the current education system does not prepare a child for employment. The curriculum is so varied that children are not gaining enough practical knowledge.
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Many people complain that"the youth today is getting more and more indiscipline".I need to know about your view on the above statement.
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Why should you blame anybody?I don't believe in blame or guilt, this is why:Consider touching a flame for the first time, you don't expect the pain, but it comes anyway, you don't like the pain, so you move your hand out of the way and try not to touch flames anymore. But should you blame the flame for being that hot? Should you blame yourself for being so sensitive for heat? Or maybe you're both ok while resisting contact? Maybe it is the relationship that is dysfunctional..In genealogy, they say: "There no bad genes, there are no bad enviorments, just bad gene-enviorment commune".

Think of the the problem as a disease, you may say that some diseases appear when a virus is present, but you may find it interesting to see that for that virus to be present - an appropriate enviorment has to affect.What I'm trying to say is that kids are adjusting to a synergy of elements that you can call "their enviorment", and in this synergy they understand that discipline is not a mandatory. Pop and Rock stars do whatever they like, at however they like and they still make more money then most people..People lie, cheat, steal and abuse others in many ways, as long as it is legitimatized by social acceptance which is the same as legal legitimacy, it's all ok.

If a child finds a social enviorment that accepts or even advocates his behavior, while his family doesn't and even depresses it, well, you already know what happens next.
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Indiscipline in the youth will destroy the nation's image and also the overall economy which reflects on the development of the country.
Discipline is very important whether in schools, offices, homes, outdoors, institutions, colleges, etc many more. One cannot learn anything if one is not in the discipline.
Many schools especially the Christian Schools show too much discipline in the premises let it be students, teachers, staff, helpers.
At home or at school, the students should be taught how to obey the rules, control the behavior, and sometimes punishing to correct any indiscipline and disobedience.

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