Would You Rather Freeze To Death Or Burn To Death?


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I would like to freeze to death.as burning destroys our body and is lot painful.freezing on the other hand preserves our body.there is also a minute chance of coming to life when temperature turns normal.just like hibernation in animals.so,I would rather freeze to death than burn to.
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I agree with the previous 2 answers.  If I had to die, I wouldn't.  But if I did hopefully it would not be by burning.  I hate the heat.  But like the previous answer stated if you freeze you have more of a chance at coming back.  I don't want to die, ever.  Even though everyone dies some day.  I hope I am well over 100. 
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Dead is dead... I rather doubt if you can "come back" if you freeze to death as opposed to burn to death. When an animal hibernates, its body temperature is lowered, but not to the point of freezing. That being said.... If I had to choose...I think to die by freezing is better than to burn. When your temperature gets too low you simply go to sleep, you're unconscious and death is painless. When you burn, you feel the pain until you die. I'd rather not do either if I had the choice.
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Definitely freeze to death.  As you begin to freeze, you suffer hypothermia, which means you begin to feel warm and sleepy.  Sometimes you hallucinate, that's the way to go.
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I would rather not do either. But if I had to make the choice I would say freeze. Burning would be fast but painful. Freezing would be slow but probably less painful.   
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Freeze. Because before you succumb to death you go unconscious thus no pain. Also gives you some time to think about your life.
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It depends. Do I get to pick how I'm burned? If I'm lit on fire or am I trapped in a burning house?  Lit on fire where I physically burn, then I would rather freeze. However if I'm trapped in a enclosed space such as a room, I will suffocate or die of hypoxia first which is realatively quick and painless long before the fire consumes me. If that's the case, I'll choose fire. Hypothermia isn't totally painless, can take hours and in about 35% of the cases a condition called paradoxical undressing occurs , where the body is found nude, having deliriously removed their clothes. I'm kind of self conscious about people seeing me like that. 

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Burn, I love fire, and it would hurt a lot, and in the last moments of your life you would feel alive, your senses overrun.
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You must be a freak to post this sort of a question!!! What made you ask his in the first place ??? Enjoy every moment of your life man !! Why think of death and be apprehensive about it ... Believe God will never ask you " My dear, tell me how would you like to die!" so why worry ha???

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