Would you rather be poisoned or shot to death?


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Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Shot to death as its quicker
jamie wise Profile
jamie wise answered
Well i would rather be poisoned because theres a slight chance that theres something around to get rid of it, and if theres a chance to save my life ima take it :)
Ace anonymous Profile
Ace anonymous answered
For me it depends on the poison. There are some poisons that are so fast acting that you would be dead in a matter of seconds no doubt about it. However a gun shot can be anywhere from an instand death to a slow death depending on who is shooting and what they know about shooting a person. A poison will kill you regardless, but a gun shot might just leave you maimed or paralyzed and you might not even die. So I'm leaning towards the poison I guess.
Random Guy Profile
Random Guy answered
Shot in the head for i will die instantly ☻☺
Sarah Profile
Sarah answered
I would be shot
ifedinho Profile
ifedinho answered
This is suicide mission. Hmm is deadly
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Eunice Kwarteng
Eunice Kwarteng commented
Itz not suicide, i asked if u would want to be shot, or poisoned to death...not tht i want to do it....just wondering....god forbid this ever happens though.
gavin Profile
gavin answered
Ive never tried poisoned so yeah shot will hurt but poison i dont know it could be any kind of poison like a mild one that could make you go to sleep or something
Gegie Terens Profile
Gegie Terens answered
 I prefer BOTH ,sometimes poisoned is faster than bullets,but if the target is perfect then bullet is more effective.I'll say it depends on how one use those  method!
Call me Rae..? Profile
Call me Rae..? answered
I would rather be poisoned, because...it would bt less painful right... Well you would just have to wait for the poison to take effect.

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