I Need A Maid Of Honor Speech For My Younger Sister. Can Anyone Help?


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Writing a Maid of Honor speech can be really daunting, but don’t worry - once you know what you’re doing, it can be easy and fun!

I’ve had to write a few wedding speeches of my own over the years, and I’ve got a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn’t. Here's what I suggest:

The Sandwich Effect
This is the way I tend to write wedding speeches.

Start with something light - maybe a fun childhood anecdote - before moving onto something moving and sentimental. If you’re going to make everyone all teary-eyed, do it now!

Finally, you’ll want to end with something to lighten the tone again, maybe a joke or another anecdote. Finish with a toast to the happy couple.

Speech Length
You might want to ask your sister how long she wants you to talk for. You don’t want to go on for too long - I’d suggest keeping it under five minutes.

What Kind Of Things Can I Talk About In My Speech?
  • How much you approve of the marriage
  • How fond you are of your sister
  • Childhood memories (nice ones - now is not the time to bring up your sister shoving Lego up her nose!)
  • Happy wishes for the couple
  • Something to welcome the groom to the family
What Should I Avoid Doing?
  • Embarrassing your sister!
  • Talking for too long
  • Leaving your speech to the last minute - you need to plan this in advance, and rehearse it.
  • Repeating what another speaker said (it might help to compare speeches with everyone else who’s giving one)
  • Getting drunk because you’re nervous
  • Speaking too quickly or quietly
  • Boring the guests
With all this in mind, you should be able to give a great speech that, hopefully, will make the guests feel all happy and sentimental.

Heart-warming and uplifting is the effect you’re going for, and humor is always a great addition - providing it’s tasteful!
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