I need an occasion speech for honors day at church?


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Writing a speech is a lot like writing any other piece of prose for the purpose of entertainment and/or information. There is a basic structure your speech should follow in order to be coherent and convey your message to your audience. There are a number of great literary techniques you can employ in order to make your speech more memorable and enjoyable for your audience.

The basic structure for a speech is the same as the one used for a story. It has three parts: A beginning, a middle and an end. It really is that simple.

  • The beginning
Should introduce the event you are speaking at, and the topics you will be covering. If the event is annual, you may want to talk about the previous year's event and any successes that have happened since it took place.

  • The middle
Contains the main parts of the speech. In this section you should talk about the issues that have led to the event and the speech.

  • The end
Conclude the speech by thanking those responsible for the event, and the audience for their attention. If the event is an annual do, you may want to talk about plans for next year's event.

Some literary techniques for holding the audience's attention are:

  • Patterns of three
Are a classic comedic technique where you list three items, and the third breaks the pattern set by the first two - 'Crack! Heroin! Cough Medicine..'

  • Alliteration
Sentences or phrases where each word begins with the same letter or sound are more memorable and easier to recall.

  • Opening with a joke
Catch your audience off guard and grab their attention from the get go!

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