I Need A Short Easter Welcome Speech For A 13 Years Old For Church Sunday?


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One of the first speech opportunities many people have is speaking at a local church service. If your child has been honored with an opportunity to speak on a special day such as Easter, you want your child to be prepared to deliver a short and successful speech that honors the occasion and sets them up for a lifetime of being at ease in public speaking situations. Stage fright in most people is a learned behavior, and by preparing your child and having them rehearse makes it much more likely they will enjoy the occasion and be at ease now and in the future.

To lead off the speech, the child should thank everyone for attending, and take note of any special and important persons who may be attending. Take note of the occasion by mentioning what a special day it is in history, and the background such as a quick retelling of the sacrifices made by Jesus over two millenniums ago. End the speech by again thanking everyone for attending and also thank any officials in charge for the opportunity to speak on such a special occasion. You can also have your child end the speech with a short prayer.

Public speaking is very important in many different fields of work, and in public life. Setting the stage for a successful speech when they are children will go a long way toward making them at ease as an adult when they face a similar situation. Children who have stage fright and are afraid to speak in public will grow up to be adults who are afraid of speaking in public and performing on a stage. Failing to plan is a plan for failure, so write a speech and have your child first perform it in front of a mirror, and then in front of family and friends to help prepare them for the big day.
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If you click here you will find several short videos of Easter speeches given by different people, which may inspire you. For your own speech it is best to focus on the people who will be there. Say something simple like 'It is my pleasure to welcome you'. Mention any key figures who will play a special role, need to be thanked etc, and say a few words about the Easter ceremony itself if appropriate.

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