How Do You Deliver A Prepared Speech?


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A prepared speech is easy to deliverer as we know the main points and issues in it. It has already been shaped and compiled to be presented. A prepared speech must be memorized according to requirement. It will make the task of deliverance easy and efficient. Otherwise the deliverer must be confused and embarrassed before people. It is important to keep eye contact with audience.

A break in the eye contact will spoil the charm and hold of our speech. So, one should memorize the speech and make it more impressive by motivation of eye-contact. It is not a difficult task to deliverer a speech but stabilization of voice and maintenance of eye contact matters. One's voice should not be shrilling during speech; it must not be that loud or slow. It must be normal and stable for all the time of speech.
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The prepared speech is planned and organized before the time of presentation. As you plan, prepare an outline and notes that will act as prompts. When you use the prompts well, the delivery will appear spontaneous and relaxed even though you are fully prepared and know the ideas you want to express.
As you prepare, note important ideas, phrases, quotations and statistics. It is not essential to write down every word unless you are really nervous. To increase spontaneity, try to choose some words at the time of presentation.
Try not to talk from a complete set of notes; you may lose your place or be tempted to read it word for word. This can bore the audience. If you can speak to your audience without reading the prepared speech, you can maintain eye contact with them. Eye contact holds the audience's interest and allows you to note their response to your presentation.
Two of the most useful aids to people making a prepared speech for the first time in public are: -
Overhead transparencies, and
Palm or cue cards.
Prepare the overhead transparencies with the main points. The outline emphasizes the key point in your talk and acts as a prompt to keep your delivery to the prepared points. Two advantages in using overhead transparencies are that they increase audience understanding and offer the speaker hidden notes. Their use is hidden from the audience. Prepare palm cards with the main points and supporting information written on them and hold these in the plan of the hand as you deliver the speech. Cue cards and notes help you to stay with the topic. They keep the outline and main points clearly before you and ensure that your statements are accurate.
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A prepared speech must have a clearly laid out Introduction followed by Initiation of the topic, Body or the actual content and finally the conclusion. Give a brief introduction to start with and get in to the actual essence of it slowly. If possible, try to speak naturally rather than parroting the words that you had prepared previously. Support your ideas with examples, facts and figures if possible. Try to make it more interactive by asking for suggestions or posing questions to the listeners. Conclude in an effective manner.

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