How Can I Giv Introduction N Attract Audience Before Starting Speech..?


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When I do speechs I was taught to do a grabber or attention hook as the first line... Like for example you could ask a question but not to stupid... Like don't ask a question like how many of you have a friend because every does if you ask a question you have to ask one that would make one think for example...If you passed someone on the street who was homeless would you just pass by or stop to say a simple hello or give them a something? ...thats not the best question but something like that... Another thing you can do for a attention getter you could start out with a statistic    after your grabber you should follow up on the grabber and turn it into a lead in to your thesis... Your thesis should be the last line in you introduction... Most thesises are 3 pronged like...People with arthritus experience firey pain within their joints, the finacal struggles with out work, and the worry of not knowing if they will be able to pay their next rent. Again not the best example but it will work after your thesis you should go into your frist thing in your thesis like it would be the firey pain....

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