Can U Give Me An Introduction Speech For A Fashion Show Programme Held In Our Office?


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Yes, keep in mind the following is a generic introduction as there were a few details lacking in your request. It is important to know the designer for the fashion show. It is also imperative to know what type of fashion show it is. Fashion shows can be a range of things from women’s, men’s and children’s clothing to accessories like hats, handbags and lingerie.
Welcome to Our Office (insert office name) fashion show. We are happy that you took the time to attend our fashion programme. The items on display were designed by (insert designer name). This designer- (give details about the designer or designers to help explain the fashion items on display.) It would also be helpful to insert a few thank you mentions to those who helped set up the programme.
During the introduction you will want to explain the theme behind the fashion show, what the clothes are designed for such as what season if they are indeed clothes on display. Talk a bit about the different styles. You will introduce each piece most likely as the person walks along the stage but you can also give a small introduction into the theme and pieces to help get the crowd excited.
Depending on the atmosphere you want to create you may go for a more professional introduction. It is important as you write it for your specific needs to examine the audience you are speaking to. If this is an informal programme for the staff you may have a less professional tone with a few comedic sentences, whereas a formal fashion show needs to be highly professional in introducing the designer, the pieces, and then providing an overall goal or aim as part of the introduction such as whether the fashion show is for charity and why.
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Sure! After everyone's in the office, I would like to welcome you to this amazing fashion show tha I'm sure will delite you beyond what you expect from an ordnary fashion show,  just watch the show, and trust me, you'll never forget this one. And then make sure everyones tung is sticking out when the first model comes out!!
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Maybe say first up (the persons name) and next up is (the persons name and so on well I hope that works for you.
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It will tickle your senses *wink wink*

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